“Sssssshhhhhh, It’s okay little buddy” Dave said to the sunflower he held in his hands while inspecting its broken leaves. “I am not going to lie, that looks pretty bad. But I think I can fix you up, right as new!” Dave carried the sunflower carefully back to his house, where he placed the flower on a soft bed and carressed it over its trembling cheek. “Everything will be fine. You can stay for as long as you want!” Dave said while he started using his advanced first plant aid training on the broken leaves and bitemarks left on the sunflower after last nights tremendous attack.

“You are doing a lot better now, aren’t you? Can you move your leaves a bit better again?” Dave said while inspecting the softly shaking flower. “Are you nearly feeling good enough to go back to defending again?” he asked the flower. “I don’t want to go back yet daddy Dave” the flower responded. “I like it way to much here with you!” Dave had started to grow quite fond of his yellow friend and hated to have to see him leave so soon, so he said: “Alright, but only a couple more days!” He tried to sound serious, but even he himself knew deep inside that they had grown to close to even consider risking him.

That evening, while they both sat upon the roof of Daves house looking at the carnage happening at the neighbours house, Dave suddenly laid his hand on Flowies, as he had come to call him, shoulder and squeezed him thightly. Flowie, taken aback by Daves sudden action, but also not rejecting him, whispered: “Why?” “Because I’m crazy….” Dave whispered back softly into his ear. “And I love you.” Flowie laid his leaves on Daves throbbing leg, squeezing him just a little. “I think I love you too Dave.”

The next morning when Dave woke up he saw the small body of the flower lying next to him, so tiny and precious he determined he would do anything and everything he could to make sure that precious flower stayed safe. Sunflower seeds are hard to get out of your teeth though.